About us
Shahab Radio Company (LLC), register no. 9227 registered in Company Registration and Industrial Ownership Department on 25 May 1964. Then, in pursuant to Trade Registry Journal dated 30 April 1972 changed to private joint stock company, and subsequently according to general assembly act dated 29 September 1996, the name was changed to Shahab and according to extraordinary general assembly act, dated 12 March 2002, admitted as 336th company in Tehran Stock Exchange.
Shahab co. with more than six decades of solid experience, is one of the most respectful and most respected brands in manufacturing LCD, LED, 3D, and Curve TVs in Iran. Using international standards in manufacturing This company could take a considerable share of TV production in Iranian market.
Shahab has manufactured all market basket home appliances such as: Home cinema, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and Set-Top Box and introduced to the market.
Using management rules and regulations systems and its considering obligations, and expert and trained personnel, the top priority of our company is manufacture of diverse products and comprehensive services and customer care, to develop customer satisfaction,
Our ideal is to become the first audio-video manufacturer in Iran.
Our main activities
Our activity in accordance with article 2 of company statue:
A. Manufacture, provide and assembly, purchase or selling and export all types of electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices with home, office, commercial, and industrial application such as: all types of audio-video devices, multimedia, measurement, IT, authorized communicational devices, and detachable elements of aforementioned devices and software.
B. Participation in other companies through establishment or stock pledge of new companies or purchase or pledge of existing companies.
C. Generally, any effort doing all operations and financial, commercial, services and industrial transactions, that are related to one or all the above-mentioned detailed matters.
Shahab at a glance
1945 Begging the activity of Shahab Radio co.
1957 Representative of selling and services of Phillips radios
1958 Representative of selling and services of Sony radios and Sony recorders.
1963 Obtaining the license of TV and radio manufacture
1964 Shahab radio co. establishment
1964 Starting to manufacture of MBLI 32 inches TVs under the license of Phillips.
1965 Manufacture of TV with brands of: Telefunken and Hitachi
1965 Manufacture of radio with brands of: Ten, Telefunken, and Sony
1971 Manufacture of TV with brand of Shahab-Hitachi
1971 Manufacture of telephone, calculator, and TV game
1975 Manufacture of color TV with brand of Blaupunkt
1980 Manufacture of black and white TVs, 12&14 inches, with brand of Goldstar
1980 Manufacture of 1, 2, 3 band radios with brand of Oscar
1983 Manufacture of color TVs, 14&20 inches, with brand of Goldstar
1990 Manufacture of the first color TV with remote control in Iran
1993 Manufacture of Shahab TV, 28 inches
1997 Manufacture of Shahab 15 inches' digital monitors
1998 Manufacture of TV with brand of LG
1998 ISO 9002:1994 certificate from RW TUV
2000 Manufacture Flat TVs with brand of LG
2000 Manufacture of monitors with brand of SAMSUNG
2000 ISO 14001:1996 certificate from DVN Institution
2000 CE Marketing certificate of safety of products
2001 OHSAS 18001:1999 certificate from DVN institution
2002 ISO 9001:2000 certificate from DVN Institution
2002 TCO certificate (display radiation)
2003 Manufacture of 43 inches' projection TV with brand of LG
2004 Implementation of QFD (Quality Function Development) and SIX SIGMA
2006 ISO 14001:2004 certificate from BV Institution
2007 Green partner certificate from Sony inc
2008 Starting mass production of Sony LCD TVs
2009 Manufacture of Shahab LCD with sizes: 24, 26, 32, 37, 42, 47''
2009 Manufacture of Shahab 21'' Ultra Slim TV
2009 Exclusive agent of import and customer service of Schaub-Lorenz (European premium brand)
2010 Manufacture of LED TVs with Sony brand
2010 Manufacture of Shahab LED: 32'', 40'', 46
2010 Manufacture of Set Top Box
2010 Manufacture of vacuum cleaner
2011 Manufacture of DVD Player
2011 Manufacture of Home Cinema
2011 Manufacture of washing machine
2011 Manufacture of new models and modern vacuum cleaner
2011 Manufacture of LED, LCD, and CRT TVs with the brand of TCL
2012 Manufacture of LED, LCD with the brands of TCL and Shahab
2013 Manufacture of LED, LCD with the brands of TCL and Shahab
2014 Manufacture of LED, 3D, and LCD with the brands of TCL and Shahab
2015 Manufacture of LED, LCD, 3D and Curve TVs with the brands of TCL and Shahab

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